How Arya Honda optimized its bandwidth usage

by Sohini Bagchi    Mar 11, 2013

HondaEvery organization looks for a secured environment to conduct business, as a threat to the company’s internet and data security can lead to tremendous loss. Mumbai-based car retailing company, Arya Honda was plagued with several challenges of securing critical data and Niraj Karn, the organization’s IT Head was feeling a bit edgy until he could find a solution to enhance security and connectivity within the organization.

Arya Honda is part of Shaman Group, one of the largest car dealers in Mumbai and Western India. The company is nearly a decade old and has three showrooms and four service centres in Mumbai itself.

“Being a customer-centric company, we always use technology to offer our customers the best quality services. As we rely heavily on the online medium for business transactions, it was essential to provide uninterrupted and secure connectivity in our every department,” says Karn.

He explains that the internet service was provided to most of the branches and service centers through two leased line connections of 1 and 2 Mbps each. Using internet, all branches access a centrally hosted web-application, sales team log orders and send reports, service team maintain an inventory of spare parts, marketing team updates customer and prospect databases and finance team visits government sites for updation on policy and regulations. “In such a scenario, it was indeed a challenge to ensure the right bandwidth allocation to each user and group,” states Karn.

According to him, securing critical data like customer databases, strategic plans and confidential financial data from data leakage was important as all activities revolved around them. Moreover employees often visited unproductive websites like social networking sites, share trading sites and others and downloaded video and audio files etc. All these not only consumed lot of bandwidth but also led to lack of efficiency in business activities with employees often shifting their focus off the core business.

“In other words, security, control and transparency were the key challenges facing Arya Honda that took my entire sleep away. We needed a solution,” says Karn. “We were looking for a provider who can frame a policy and offer us the right service that can automate our business functions.”

The company was looking for a trusted partner who could deliver a robust and scalable platform over the Internet with round the clock support. After a series of evaluation, Karn along with the management team zeroed in on Nevales Networks. The team undertook a detailed study of the network and observed the internet usage pattern. The company deployed firewall solution, content filtering and access control, bandwidth management as well as virus and spam protection solution from Nevales to secure its complete internet and data environment. According to

Ravishankar Co-founder & President – India Operations, Nevales Network, “It was based on a subscription model that typically bundles everything into a single annual fee, including automatic updates, maintenance and technical support. Thus SaaS model provides a predictable cost structure, a more predictable product life cycle and the freedom to reevaluate the solution decision at almost any time.” The new solution helped Arya Honda in securing a policy to offer high availability between the links and a secure VPN for internal and external communication. All data traffic was routed through the firewall with automated monitoring mechanism for detecting suspicious traffic. The solution helped us in optimizing bandwidth usage, which in turn helped us in offering faster and uninterrupted internet access. Once the policy framework was made, we had more control over the network. We could scan all the incoming and outgoing mails are scanned for various threats as a result of which we got a comprehensive protection against known and unknown threats - automated updation for anti-virus patches - creating a secure online business environment.

“The solution helped us prevent internet outage and channelize bandwidth to core business. Moreover, the company’s opex model in UTM helped us save scarce monetary resources for other critical needs,” says Karn. He believes that at present the company has complete transparency and visibility over its network and this has not only enhanced productivity but has also improved the bottomline.