Cloud Now Essential For Biz IT Transformation

by CXOtoday News Desk    Nov 03, 2016


Reality finally measures up to hype for cloud computing as CIOs believe IT transformation is difficult, if not impossible, without cloud. While many believe cloud computing is reducing or even eliminating the roles of IT departments in organizations, other studies reveal IT skills and expertise may be even more critical as cloud adoption grows.

In fact, cloud is no longer just a discussion among IT professionals. It is now a discussion among C-Suite executives and the Board of Directors. Essentially, IT transformation relies on cloud as a significant lever in a company’s arsenal, states a recent research by ServiceNow that commissioned a survey of 1,850 mid‑to senior‑level executives globally.

Here are some interesting findings of the study titiled “The 2016 Cloud Computing Tipping Point“that emphasizes that cloud is increasingly easing enterprise IT transformation.

Highlighting that enterprises have entered the cloud‑first era, the research stated our hypothesis was that the shift to cloud was being driven, at least in part, from outside of IT.

The research has identified three significant findings that will have game‑changing consequences for IT:

First, Reality Finally Measures Up to Hype for Cloud Computing.  More than half (52 percent) respondents said they would choose cloud—software as a service or platform as a service‑‑ for new business applications as the platform of choice over on‑premises data centers.  And, 77 percent they would complete the shift within 2 years.

Second, DevOps Led the Charge to a Cloud‑First World. Nearly every respondent (94 percent) reported that they are involved in some way with the DevOps movement, a philosophy with origins in the agile development community. A large majority (76 percent) said that the rise of DevOps is a major factor driving the move to cloud‑first.

And third, A Cloud‑First World Demands New IT Skill Set. Nearly 9 in 10 companies who have completed making the shift to a cloud‑firstmodel said their current IT staff lacked the required skillsets to help them make this shift.  88 percent feel cloud could be a replacement for a formal IT department at least some of the time.

The infographic below will give a clearer picture on the Cloud-first world:


In a recent blog on cloud computing, Tim Crawford mentioned, “In order for CIOs to build trust for transformation, they need to get the basics under foot.”

This means, fundamental functions like email, phone systems, file sharing need to work without incident. These solutions are becoming more complex, but not business differentiating for any given organization. Yet many IT organizations continue to insist on running these functions internally, he said, adding that this approach no longer hold true.

In contrast, mature cloud-based alternatives exist that provide greater stability, function and agility. Therefore, enterprises need to take a holistic approach to identify how best to leverage cloud. However, for commodity services, cloud should be a mandatory requirement at this point. And those organizations still trying to run commodity services internally…and failing…are only hindering their company’s progress, Crawford said.

It is time CIOs and others in the C-suite take a serious look at how best to leverage the tools at our disposal. For IT Transformation now Cloud is becoming a requirement. But, failures to get the basics right will continue to plague the CIO and rest of the IT organization by extension.