How Is Video Conferencing Impacting Flexible Workplaces

by Sawaram Suthar    Jun 29, 2016

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing is something that many of us have experienced in our daily lives and to be true, if not in person, this is the best way one can have a one-to-one conversation. 

What is better than seeing the person on the other side and conversing? 

The human brain interprets more by the facial expression and body language than the words actually said. 

“More than half of the message interpretation is from facial expression and body language” (Forbes)  

- 55 per cent facial expression and body language

- 37 per cent is tone of voice

- 7 per cent is words actually said  

These stats alone are enough reason to back the fact that more and more businesses are going the video conferencing and making their workplace a better place. 

Let’s see How Video Conferencing is Making Huge Impact on Flexible Workplace

Increase the per employee yield:

In the era of Globalization, a business can succeed only if it has the potential to serve the clients across the planet. And, the only feasible option is to go with satellite offices where emails, phone calls, and instant messages are the only possible means of communication. 

Did you just forget anything? Yes, the power of visual communication. 

Video conferencing reduces the possibilities of miscommunications and deviations. The employees will feel a sense of belongingness when they are involved in the product launches and meetings. The locations shouldn’t give them a left-out feeling hence, Video Conferencing is a better alternative. They would be alert when things are discussed face-to-face. Better engagement rate leads to higher productivity. 

94 per cent businesses that utilize the video conferencing say that it increases productivity (Wainhouse Research)   

Improve the concentration for better results

No, multitasking isn’t good all the times. Employees do try to wind up the things as early as possible. Statistics reveal that people tend to multi-task more during a phone call rather than video-calls

“Using multi-sensory conferencing tools like web and audio or video creates more engagement and interaction,” says Bellmar.  

Further he said “Video forces people to be more attentive since it is more visible.”

Visuals have far more impact on the brains hence; video-conferencing is a must try-out option. It keeps people engaged during the meetings and conferences. 

It is highly effective in comparison to traditional conference calls. 

An average telephonic call lasts for 23 minutes whereas a video call lasts for 35 minutes. This ensures that your team is better engaged.

Let transparency prevail in workplace

A lot of misunderstanding occurs due to nonverbal communication. Most of the times emails and messengers aren’t effective communicators and one cannot rely on them all the times. Your messages might have been delivered but may not have been seen by the concerned person. 

Also, your internet connection can ditch you at any time and your message might not be delivered. With the assistance of video conferencing, there is a complete transparency as you would know the person at the other end and can instantly convey the message or discuss the reports online.

“9 out of 10 remote employees say that videos help them feel more connected to their colleagues” (Slideshare

Smoothen the Hiring Process

The hiring process becomes too tedious and time-consuming if the candidates are far located or placed in other cities. The company cannot bear the expenses of outstation candidates until and unless it is very urgent. The candidates will also hesitate to travel to different cities to attend the interview. 

Statistics reveal that 66 per cent of candidates like using video conference during the interview process. - PGI  

One can trim down the time and expenses by arranging the interviews over video conference. 

Once the candidate is shortlisted, a face-to-face interview can be scheduled. Companies with better video-conference facilities can smoothen the hiring process by recording the interview sessions. And you will have better options to evaluate the skills of the candidate by having a look at the recorded videos.

Get an edge over competitors

Do you frequently launch new products? Do you take the pain of training all the employees at individual branches? Why take so much hassle when Video conferencing is to your rescue. It allows you to have an edge over your competitors’ by reaping the first mover advantage of introducing the products in the market. 

With the help of video conferencing, you can target all the stakeholders at a single go. Be it training your internal employees or updating the external ones, this communication tool has high values in regards to conveying your message. It helps in giving a personal touch to your communication.

Meet anyone across the world anytime 

With the rising technologies and advancement in businesses, distance is no longer a concern. The power of technologies has shortened the distances. Whether you are in India, USA or Japan, you do not have to think much to organize a meeting. 

“Up to 50 per cent of the conference room will be video enabled by 2020″ (Aragon Research)  

Thought nothing can substitute your physical presence but the video conferences will definitely make sense to your business meet. You can generate quality leads and convert them into sales without any hitch. 

Customer support can be easily extended to the customers irrespective of the geographical boundaries. This also gives the option to know the business market and strategies of other countries.

70 per cent of the businesses would prefer video conferencing than traveling.

56 per cent of the CFO would invest in video conferencing to reduce the travel needs. – Source - PGI

Germany and Japan are said to be world leaders in terms of technologies. The USA is popular for research and developmental activities. Video-conferencing will allow you to have a glance of the new products and demo of the new technologies without any difficulties.

Businesses want to get the wholesome benefit by using video conferencing  and this is the best time to invest in the system as it’s not just in the conference room you can hold a meeting, the smartphones and tablets are equally useful!

Sawaram Suthar is self-motivated digital marketing consultant and founder at Jagat Media - a digital marketing agency. He helps small & medium and big enterprises to increase their ROI and overall business. Reach him @sawarams or his blog