Logistics Firm Moves On Cloud To Grow 45%

by CXOtoday News Desk    Jul 08, 2014

cloud computing

It is imperative for logistics and transportation providers that move goods from one place to the other often face numerous technological challenges, and hence need to have a strong IT backbone. Such was the case with New Delhi based logistics firm Agarwal Movers and Packer’s, who were faced with a unique communication challenge, but resolved it with the right insight and technology. The Rs. 650 Crore company used Cloud computing in an innovative way to solve the challenge. 

The problem started around 2012, when the business was growing at a faster pace and the company with already 68 branches across the country. Navneet Agarwal, Director-IT of the firm was offered the responsibility to solve the issue, which was resulting in substantial losses.

What’s the pain?

Navneet explains the nature of the problem, “Each branch had a local number – this local number was marketed across hoardings, pamphlets and other marketing campaigns.  The calls would come – some would be addressed and the others were being missed. There was no one manning the number, resulting in missed call which means, we were missing on business lead. 

To manage all the in-coming calls we either had to opt for a technology solution or hire a team of at least three in each city to man the calls. As we were working in 68 cities, it would result in hiring over 200 staff in dispersed location, which was not a cost effective option for us. Also we did not see much return in the investment, as the calls were not going to be centralized and the question over SLA was still cropping up.

Obviously the company’s expertise does not lie in running a customer support center which requires technology experts and huge capital investments, it had to identify a suitable technology vendor who can provide seamless support.

Gain from the cloud

The logistics firm opted for Ozonetel, CaaS (Communication As A Service) service provider for managing its voice communication for the last 48 months. “As a business we had decided to go for a technology solution on the cloud. We met a few players but chose Ozonetel for its robust, easy to use platform. We find the platform stable which leaves us carefree allowing us to invest time in other areas of the business,” reasoned Navneet on selecting the solution partner.

The dashboard is also user friendly giving us analytics as required, says Navneet and adds, “We have been on the Ozonetel platform with a centralized support center, a team of 30 managing our offices nation-wide and no missed calls since 2012. Since then we have seen 40% increase in revenue year-on- year.

CloudAgent is the Cloud based Contact Center which is deployed on Plug & Play basis with zero capital expenditure. All that the agent needs is a browser and an entry level phone. The agent can work from anywhere, anytime. The USP of the Ozonetel CaaS platform is that there is no requirement to install any software and hardware. The support center and the agents can start being operational in no time. Moreover, the CloudAgent solution was made up & running in less than couple of days we faced no major challenges, so there was no implementation challenges.

How much was the gain?

Agarwal Movers and Packer’s core expertise is to help move people and their goods safely. The business impact post deployment resulted in 45% business growth year-on-year and it did not miss any customer lead. The solution, with its business analytics features, also helped the company with the right business decisions on hiring and team expansion, says Navneet.

The other positive outcome is that being managed by the third party, there is no capital expenditure involved or a team to maintain, which saves on a considerable cost.

The company is now planning to get into the next level of growth. It is moving to the mobility platform,investing in tablets to help the sales force team to perform better, quips Navneet.


Navneet Agarwal, Director- IT, Agarwal Movers and Packer’s