How Mumbai Police Found Its Twitter Success Formula

by CXOtoday News Desk    Sep 13, 2017


Here’s what’s become a norm on social media these days. Brands have a foot in mouth moment during calamities: natural or manmade; in a desperate attempt to sell their products and services. What follows is user outrage, ban threats, and the obvious: “Fire your social media agency!” suggestion. Thankfully, there still are exceptions to the norm. During the recent monsoon mayhem in Mumbai, one such Twitter account that sought to ‘help’ rather than add to the ‘havoc’ was that of the Mumbai Police.

Now, Mumbai Police is no brand you’d say, but there’s much to learn from the way it handles its social media. It doesn’t seem opportunistic, operator-run, or just plain boring. And there’s a reason why its tone of voice is so well appreciated. Mumbai Police hired Trivone, a digital services agency for the job.

Trivone has worked on 250 projects in the last seven years and successfully launched Mumbai Police on Twitter… [Click here to read the full article]