How Reliance Is Simplifying Cloud Delivery For Businesses

by Sandhya Malhotra    Jul 21, 2015


In line with the investment plan announced for the Digital India initiative, Reliance Communication has already initiated the right measures. It has invested in connecting five of its 10 datacenters for providing cloud-based applications through the Cloud Xchange (Cloud X) nodes located in five major cities in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

The company has set a target to connect 122 locations in the next 24 months through Cloud X. Deepak Khanna, CEO-India enterprise, Reliance Communications said, ” Seeing the growth in cloud, more and more telecom providers are getting into IT and internet business. With the five nodes, we are growing in the cloud business. We will be working along with the application and cloud providers for growing the cloud base in India.”

Reliance Communications wants to leverage its fiber networks and existing datacenters for making cloud a mainstream business for the enterprise. The Cloud X will help small and large local companies to grow their business on cloud by hosting applications across the globe.

These Cloud Xchange nodes can help government departments access 240 times the amount of compute power currently available in government data centers, and over six times the high-speed storage currently available in India.

On the technology front, Reliance has partnered with IBM soft layer for the compute related cloud services, for storage it has expanded its strategic partnership with Hitachi and for surveillance it has partnered with Panasonic.

In the past one year, one key endeavor of RCOM, and its subsidiary Global Cloud Xchange has been a strategic realignment of its capabilities to support cloud networking requirements, including self- provisioning of network resources and bandwidth-on-demand.

The company’s unique strength in Cloud orchestration stems from its unrivalled national and global network reach, which enable customers to have seamless access to the rapidly-growing public Cloud ecosystem in India, and around the globe.

“Cloud X is changing the paradigm of Cloud Computing,” said Bill Barney, Chief Executive Officer, Reliance Communications (Enterprise) and Global Cloud Xchange. “The network must now undergo a profound transformation, from a static entity to a dynamic, intelligent, application-aware fabric that can support multiple traffic requirements, diverse geographies and flexible pricing models,” Barney added.

Today the Reliance Group is India’s largest provider of data center facilities, with a total capacity of over 600,000 square feet spread across the country. Its 11 data centers, connected by India’s largest terrestrial fiber network and the world’s largest submarine sub-sea cable infrastructure, already constitute a vital core of India’s digital backbone and a mission-critical component in the digital transformation of India.

Barney added, “As the cloud computing grows, datacenter strategies becomes critical. Deploying our nodes will allow to take our fiber network to the next layer software layer defined in the communication between datacenter, content and industrial compute capabilities on the internet. This has been done in US and Europe. The biggest challenge in cloud is to move applications from one city to the another. With these nodes,we can connect US, Middle East and Europe.”