How SOA Can Help Firms Manage Big Data Boom?

by CXOtoday News Desk    May 07, 2014

big data

Unstructured data generated by social media, mobile devices and other channels is driving the need for Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) the market size of which is estimated to reach $16.4 billion by 2020 up from $5.7 billion in 2013, says the new study. The ResearchMoz report emphasizes that in the new business scenario, a focus on SOA will help organizations manage the big data boom with the flexibility and agility needed for it to be valuable to the business.

The report states that a significant growth is driven by the smart phone and social media in attrition to cloud computing market penetration, with smart phones beginning to get significant uptake all over the world, while SOA delivers more efficient automated process.

Highlighting the benefits SOA can bring in the current business setup, the report states that the new technology enables IT to spend a higher proportion of the budgets on growing the business. SOA stacks of decoupled services are purpose built for the enterprise environment that is continuously shifting because of mergers and acquisitions. With decoupled software solutions, the web services and the SOA components can be portable.

While SOA currently supports the evolution of Internet based real time e-business and end-to-end business process integration, the study explains that in the next decade, the same SOA principles will be at the core of a new era of business engagements that transact at Internet scale across locations, devices, people, processes and information.

“Unstructured data accounts for 90% of the data in organizations and this data generated by machines, or as part of social media drive the need for SOA,” Susan Eustis, principal author of the market research study mentions in the report. She states that smart phones create information on a massive scale, driving needs to manage records of transaction activity, system behavior, application performance, user actions, security threats and fraudulent activity.

While SOA is used to handle the complexity or scale of massive volumes of unstructured machine data and also allows implementation of systems flexibility, it implements real time computing.


Cloud and mobile computing will continue to redefine SOA, providing ways for companies to implement analytics and mine social media data to create information that is usable for decision making, says the report.