IBM-Apple Duo Is Driving Mac In The Enterprise

by CXOtoday News Desk    Aug 06, 2015


Once a bitter rival, IBM and Apple are now trying every mean to become good friends. Recently, IBM has announced new cloud-based IT services to help clients securely integrate Macs with their enterprise systems and applications. This would mean that businesses will now be able to let their employees use MacBooks without any additional set up or custom configuration, which will save a lot of time and cost.

IBM said it has provided these services on a custom basis to certain customers until now, but today’s announcement gives it a more standardized approach. The new service is also in response to Apple’s growing popularity among business users.

The tech giants have grown cozier since starting an app collaboration last year, and IBM expects to manage 50,000 MacBooks by the end of the year, its Chief Information officer Jeff Smith told The Wall Street Journal that would make it the largest corporate user of MacBooks. 

Experts believe this is yet another landmark move by the tech duo, as more clients adopt or allow the use of Macs by their employees, considering that the shipments of Macs are growing faster than the industry average, and the Mac has outgrown the PC industry every year for the last decade, IBM said in a press release.

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According to Richard Patterson, General Manager, Infrastructure Services, IBM Global Technology Services, “IBM’s new enterprise services ensure a great user experience for clients using Macs, providing world-class support from installation through the life of the product.”

“Ease of adoption and use are at the foundation of every Apple product, and as these devices are used more in the workplace, people expect the same experience they enjoy with Apple technology in their personal lives,” said Richard Patterson, general manager of infrastructure services for IBM’s global technology unit, in a statement.

The Journal states that more than 100 IBM employees are currently working at Apple’s headquarters, working on iPhone and iPad apps for global corporate customers. The report also said IBM’s workforce is already using more than 110,000 Apple devices, including 43,000 iPads.

Analysts believe things are looking different inside IBM, too. With over 380,000 workers, IBM has a unique challenge in competing with nimble Silicon Valley startups in the market for information-technology services, which research firm Gartner estimates at $981 billion globally. After 13 consecutive quarters, IBM has finally attempted to adapt to a changing industry investing generously into key growth areas like data analytics and cloud computing, and partners like Apple are crucial to that process. 

The new mobility services for Mac join a growing list of enhanced IBM mobile enterprise services introduced by the Big Blue last year. These include infrastructure development, application platform management, device procurement and deployment, managed mobility, mobile network, mobile collaboration, mobile virtualization services and IBM smart and embedded device security. The integration services for Mac are delivered via the cloud as a software-as-a-service and also are available as an on-premise solution in the client’s data center.