How to avoid a digital marketing failure

by CXOtoday News Desk    Jun 25, 2013

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The world of digital marketing is constantly changing. Users are finding different ways to search and interact with technology. Often when there is a change in the organization, or it is time to implement a new project, it’s necessary to understand the need of new practices with a varied selection of tools, technologies and platforms. Despite the size of the organization, it is important to access what techniques to adopt to make digital marketing of a company a success.

Data structuring

Big data is completely changing the way data managers leverage information. But whether the organization is big or small, it is important to sort out the useful data from the volumes of data stored. Often, different departments have different figures and infographics making is confusing for data managers to come to a conclusion. It is not always possible to refine and apply data. Departments in the same organization need to view and share the data to define a common goal.

Lack of imagination and rejecting change

Giselle Abramovich at Digiday, says don’t stick to the old routines while implementing a new project. It is important for managers to come up with new ideas and solutions with the availability of many varied and useful tools. Changing the work environment or coming up with unique work practices can really help. It’s important to confer with staff at all levels to make sure they understand and support the need for new practices. Changes tend to scare employees, so the one’s who’s work flow will be directly affected are the ones who should always be kept in the loop. For example, a company like Kodak who rejected digital photography by ignoring change in the market space and got crushed because of it.

Clearly defining new ideas

Employees doing the same work every day can get bogged down with their ability to come up with new innovative ideas. Lack of shared data can be one of the reasons for this. A clear purpose can hamper an employee’s ability to consider a bigger picture for the company. Every member of a company needs to have input into broader strategy, and the ability to share ideas based on their own experience and customer feedback. Sometimes it is not always possible to talk directly with everybody in a company, but initiatives like adding a ‘suggestion box’ to the intranet, or set up a shared doc where staff can add questions and ideas can really change an employee’s perspective.

Tear down the walls

It is a known fact, that companies are unable to drive innovation when working in disparate teams in uncoordinated patterns. Collaboration between different teams working on different agendas and targets can help organizations.

Don’t be afraid of failure

Companies need to test new platforms and channels and take risks. It may sound like a cliché the fear of failing may keep companies from taking risks. Without failure companies can’t learn from mistakes and learn to adapt with the constantly changing landscape of digital marketing. Don’t always worry about the financial returns, its important to try new things that may have a greater chance of success. Invest time in finding out about emerging new technologies and platforms and compare tools at the end of each month.


Danyl Bossomworth, on his blog on, said having regular meetings is instrumental in taking decisions. In order to make decisions there needs to be clarity around roles and responsibilities, as well as any relevant supporting data to achieve common agreement. One of the reasons why most meetings take so long is missing data or poor agenda. Irrespective of data, clear roles and responsibilities are needed to allow a team to know who the decision maker is to make the call and pursue opportunities or initiatives.

Keep one eye on the future

A familiar problem is that when you do have an amazing idea, it takes time to implement, and can get lost in the rush of deadlines.

To sum it up, it is difficult for businesses to constantly update or innovate due to factors like budget constraints. There will always be challenges involved, but undertaking simple, practical steps can avoid digital marketing failures.