HP to Offer Software Testing as a Profession

by Manu Sharma    Feb 15, 2010

As India has a shortfall of 15,000 qualified application testing professionals, Hewlett-Packard (HP) will be offering specialized training in software testing for students in Bangalore.

The aim of the program is to students with highly valued software skills. Software testing skills are in high demand as more companies want to ensure the quality and security of their applications to protect the integrity of the business outcome.

Kamal Dutta, Director, HP Software and Solutions, HP India said, "HP’s program offers free training to selected students and through its focused training modules in testing tools. Now students, and ultimately corporations, can benefit from more readily available training by a leading vendor in software testing."

As per a Nasscom report, the need for more software testing professionals is particularly vital in India. The software testing tools market in Asia Pacific is estimated at US $102.6 million in 2008 and India contributes to 21.3 percent of this market share.

The HP community relations program was established in partnership with the Indian Institute of Hardware Technology (IIHT). It is designed to train students on market-leading software testing tools, including HP Quick Test Professional and HP LoadRunner. The 3-month program includes a combination of classroom lectures and exercises. The students will learn about tools and methodologies that have practical application in the workplace.

"Even though developer as a profession is preferred by software engineers, however, things are changed now and software professions are also accepting testing as a career," said Dutta.

In fact, most IT companies have similar salary structure for both developers as well as testing, he said. HP Software plans to roll out further projects in other cities in India and Asia Pacific over the next one year.