HPCL e-enables Fleet

by Neelu Lekhi    Nov 03, 2006

Micro Technologies India Ltd has bagged a contract to provide fleet security and tracking solution for Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL). It will protect 1500 vehicles from all the zones except south.

Ashish Bhogate, marketing manager, Micro Technologies said, “We will deploy a combination of web-based and GSM-based software products for vehicle tracking, geo-fencing, filling-monitoring system. A two-way communication facility for the drivers, panic SMS, etc will also be provided. A black box will be installed inside the vehicle, and sensors will be laid at various outlets. For example, if the seal of fuel tankers is tampered with, a mobile alert will be sounded.”

According to Bhogate, the solution will be deployed in about 80 depots where fuel is loaded into vehicles. Each depot caters to about 50 outlets.

The deployment will be completed before February 2007. Thereafter, Micro Technologies will take care of annual maintenance for the next 3 years.

Micro Technologies faced stiff competition from other global players such as TCS, Trinity Kerala, Tata TMT Pune, E-Logistics, CMC Hyderabad and Infomath Delhi. The order happens to be one of the single largest contracts of its kind, and is a major achievement for the company.

Micro Technologies provides a range of vehicle tracking and security services of different types according to their individual requirements, including City Limousine for their ‘cool-cabs’, and Sigma for their vehicles servicing call-centers, among others. Talks are under way for similar solutions with IOC and BPCL for the commercial clearance of their tenders, with technical clearance already been obtained. Talks are also on for a further deployment of the solution for another 3000 vehicles of HPCL.

The company offers products for maintaining security cum safety in industries dealing with inflammable products, targeting segments like petroleum, petrochemical, liquor, arms and ammunitions etc. This contract has been facilitated by the security provided with the receipt of the approval from Controller of Explosives.