HPE’s Modern Workspace Set To Recreate Office Meeting Experience

by CXOtoday News Desk    Oct 24, 2016

Meeting space

To ensure that official meetings are more productive than it had been in the past, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has introduced the Modern Workspace, a new conference room service, with some high-end technology collaborations including that with Microsoft.

HPE Enterprise Services will spearhead smart conference room setups to simplify meeting arrangements and enhance employee collaboration by leveraging the next generation of Microsoft Skype Room Systems,a center-of-room control device that creates an intuitive Microsoft Skype for Business meeting room experience, in conjunction with room management and audio/video accessories including those from EventBoard and Logitech. 

Of late, companies are under a constant bit of pressure to innovate themselves according to the demands of a technologically workforce, which go beyond the norms accepted in the past. In some ways, the tools and innovations now demanded at the workplace, equate to that of a consumer-like experience, with the ultimate goal of having a more productive workplace. Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Modern Workspace is a collaboration solution that bridges the physical and virtual worlds. The solution provides a cloud-based mobile reservation app, one-touch Skype Meeting join for instant in-room collaboration, indoor navigation powered by HPE Aruba Meridian, usage analytics, and automation to significantly improve conference room utilization and decrease employee frustration from empty-but-reserved rooms. 

Marshall Correia, Vice-President and General Manager of Enterprise Services, HPE India said, “HPE Enterprise Services Modern Workspace is ideal for any company because it optimizes meeting space utilization through detection of actual usage while enhancing worker productivity,” also adding, “We equipped some of our own conference rooms with the next generation of Microsoft Skype Room Systems as a test bed for the Modern Workspace solution and our experience shows 5-10 minutes of time savings per-meeting locating and reserving a meeting room for adhoc collaboration. Meetings started 75 percent faster with local and remote users claiming a richer audio, video, and content sharing experience.” 

The USP of the Modern Workspace product is include:

· End-to-end Service– Advisory, planning, design, deployment, support, and management services supporting all Modern Workspace components including Office 365 or hosted Skype for Business.

· Instant on Collaboration–Skype Room Systems improves meeting effectiveness through a touch-screen interface that joins meetings in seconds and connects to existing room monitors or projectors.

· Streamlined Meeting Space Management–Easy-to-use employee meeting tools, coupled with motion-based intelligence and analytics, that guide users turn-by-turn to available rooms.

· Remote Participant Engagement–Clear audio & crisp high definition video drive richer collaboration across local and remote participants.

One of the main collaborators in the partnerships, represented by Giovanni Mezgec, the General Manager of Office Partner Marketing at Microsoft, who said “The need to collaborate with people in different locations continues to increase but organizations typically have many meeting rooms that are not equipped to facilitate high quality interactions. The next generation of Skype Room Systems enables a complete Skype for Business meeting room experience in practically any meeting space with a display or projector.” He also added, “We are excited to see HPE take the lead on bringing this transformative technology to our customers by integrating Skype Room Systems into their services offering.”  

In case you are keen to buy the product, please wait for a few more days, as it is scheduled to release next month - November 2016.