Huawei-3Com Introduces Switches & Routers in India

by CXOtoday Staff    Nov 30, 2006

Networking products and solutions provider, Huawei-3Com (H3C), recently launched their new product range in India.

The new product portfolio includes H3C S9500, H3C S7500, H3C S5600, H3C S5100, H3C S3600, and H3C S3100 series switches, H3C AR18, H3C AR28 and H3C AR46 series routers.

The product line will focus on the enterprise market, and meet requirements and emerging trends in this area. The S9500 series is for core networks of all medium, large enterprises and data centers, Metro IP core, aggregation network and also a campus core network.

The company claims that the S7500 series is for Metro IP networks, large enterprise campus networks and can operate in core and aggregation networks of SMEs. The other switches are box type switches aimed at different networks and applications.

With the development of company networks and changing market environments, the new products will represent a customer-oriented strategy to meet customer- specific requirements. The S5600 series will serve as backbone switches in SME networks. Accordingly, in a large enterprise or campus network, the S5600 and S5100 series are located at the convergence and access layers.

The H3C AR18 Series Router is oriented towards SMBs and Small Office Home Office (SOHO) users; H3C AR28 Series routers are modular convergence routers oriented at enterprise users; H3C AR46 Intelligent Multi-service Enterprise Core Routers are multi-service routers with performance and reliability for an enterprise’s central network, industry network and also a carrier network.

Huawei says that the IP networking market has been changing and customers have higher expectations from vendors.

Pricing for India has not been disclosed.