Huawei showcases its mobile broadband technology

by CXOtoday Staff    May 31, 2010

With the advent of 3G in India, the year 2010 seems to be another challenging year in the telecommunication industry. Huawei India in its endeavor to work in a closer collaboration with the operators, organized for a workshop in Delhi & Mumbai recently, showcasing a Live Demonstration & Equipment display of E2E Mobile Broadband like HSPA+MBB High Speed, Intelligent PS Core Solution, Services Usage Report for MBB, Terminal, Application & Service

With the rapid development of various telecom technology modes, operators often have to operate two or even more networks at the same time, and the costs of investment, operation and maintenance sharply increase. Multiple modes, such as GSM, WCDMA, LTE, CDMA, WiMAX, and TD-SCDMA can now be addressed through the unified convergence platform introduced with the 2008 launch of Huawei’s 4th Generation BTS. Based on the 4th Generation BTS, Huawei launched the company’s SingleRAN solution accommodating multi-mode convergence where a single BTS enhances comprehensive network, operation and maintenance levels.

Additionally Huawei’s Green Site solution applies advantages of highly-efficient power amplifiers, multi-carrier distributed architecture, and intelligent temperature controls. By adopting this solution in combination with Huawei’s flexible site scenario, operators are able to save energy, materials, land, and labor, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by over 60 percent, and reduce OPEX by at least 30 percent. Environmental protection and economic profits can now be achieved simultaneously. Intelligent power-saving techniques, to control the equipment shutdown intelligently according to the actual factor of traffic status and time period, improve the work efficiency of equipment, and thus decrease the network power consumption.
Huawei’s latest base stations support LTE in all dimensions, and inter-conversion between various modes can be realized by an upgrade of the software. This unique achievement fundamentally provides future-proof protection of operator investments.  

Innovative Intelligent Packet Network (IPN) 2.0 from Huawei, helps operators to know exactly the usage of bandwidth resource and thus the users’ interests and habits, which will bring the operators more revenue. With IPN2.0, operators can upgrade from "dump pipe" role to "visible pipe", "manageable pipe" and eventually "profit pipe". While the 100G throughput high performance and high reliability packet core network accelerates deployments of mobile broadband, optimizing network and save TCO significantly.

The company also initiated 2G/3G dual access in the industry and has the most matured 2G/3G dual access solution. Network convergence reduces CAPEX/OPEX for operators and improves experience by providing subscribers with universal and flexible service and smoothly roaming among different access networks. Huawei’s convergent packet core network can smoothly migrate to SAE by simply software update, 100 percent investment protection.