HyperX Expects 20% Growth In Memory Card Making Market

by Poonam Mondal    Oct 13, 2016


      — By Poonam Mondal

In today’s day and age, mobile devices are a key part of daily living and memory cards often define the difference between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’ when it comes to carrying all their songs, books, images and other knick-knacks around with them. Smartphone memory and the uniquitous memory stick has become all-pervading for users, who use the device for calls only to the extent of 20 per cent. The rest of the activity requires memory cards - the bigger the capacity the better one shows off. 

Though most of us might not recall the days of feature phones and extended memory slots, the fact remains that memory cards have become intrinsic to the smartphone now with users seldom asking details about the available giga bytes of storage. Therefore, it is no surprise that a recent research report predicts a compounded annual growth rate of over five per cent for the memory cards.

The report, coming from Technavio, (Read the report here) says Taiwan, South Korea, China, India and Japan are the major countries contributing to the growth of this region. The increase in electronics and the rollout of LTE market in China for communication devices has led to the expansion of LTE base station infrastructure in that country.

In conversation with CXO Today, Ann Bai, Sales Director of Hyper X, APAC Region, Kingston Technology Kingston Technology shares how memory card manufacturing market is in APAC region and HyperX is bringing new technologies to enhance the market sales.She Further put light on the growth of HyperX that “2015 has been a good year for us here. Compared to last year, we are expecting a growth of 15-20 per cent (TBD).”  Excerpts:

What are the current trends in the Memory card manufacturing market?

We see wider adoption of DDR4 in the Year 2016. A good portion of increase in adoption can be attributed to corporates migrating from mid-range DDR3 systems to mid-range DDR4 systems. DDR4 is the newest commercial technology that helped us improve our customer’s satisfaction by manifold.  We have also been successful so far in educating the benefit that the pristine technology brings to the boardroom and the balance sheet. It is still in the nascent stage, where Kingston has worked backwards to make the prices more affordable.

Being the independent memory card manufacturer, what are the latest technologies do you think  will push market?

Our product propositions in India are targeted at multiple user base – gaming, corporates, media houses, tech enthusiasts and more. We have come up with DDR4, the newest commercial technology which has helped us improve systems for a better network, better processing and better reliability. Very recently, we launched our CloudX headsets, our official Xbox licensed headset. We have a strong road map for the entire HyperX range of products, to bring more value for the performance oriented users for that believe in performance, looks and functionality. Our teams are investing resources to use this technology to get the best potential for all kinds of usage, without disrupting the cost structures.

Tell us about the market of memory manufacturing in terms of APAC growth?

Globally, we are leaders in the memory space with close to 60 per cent market share. APAC has shaped up good growth center for us and we are happy to be growing at a healthy pace. Unlike the other mature markets, APAC has dynamic market forces, varied product requirements, which has helped us to grow phenomenally. 

In terms of growth, which country in APAC Region has huge opportunity? And which country is in the top slot?

We do not differentiate in the individual countries as the opportunity is good in all of APAC among which India is a good opportunity with good growth potential and a supportive government. As we know that now there is a positive focus towards digitization and better infrastructure, it helps brands like us to grow faster. 

In 4-5 years, which  latest technology do you think will take over in the memory manufacturing market?

As we said earlier, I Having said that, the market will be more mature with lot more people aware of the choices and the technology available. 

What the roadmap of HyperX in 2016-2017?

With the country getting active on the global trading platform, we expect the year 2016 to offer more growth opportunities.  We have come up with HyperX which has seen an exciting 2016 so far with new memory - HyperX Predator Refresh - and Gaming headset – HyperX CloudX which is designed for XBOX. We will strive to serve our customers better with enhanced quality, design, innovation, performance, affordability and customer service. There are quite a few new variants planned this year and you should see some reaching Indian markets this year too.