'I Plan to Spend Time on Social Causes'

by Muntazir Abbas    Mar 02, 2009

VP Sajeevan, assistant director for CSP at Canon India is a family man, and a professional at core. Being an early riser, his day normally starts at around 5:30 am with a yoga session for more than 30 minutes, which he rarely misses.
"Yoga makes my mind calm and helps me gain composure," says Sajeevan. The yoga session is followed by a cuppa of filter coffee. "Then I delve into the newspaper headlines, and have a heavy breakfast that keeps me energized," he adds.
Sajeevan sips just one cup of black tea in a day that acts as his energy booster. For him the perfect weekend is one that keeps him rejuvenated on Monday mornings. "Weekends are completely dedicated to my family. I spend value time with my family and chat extensively on various issues," he says. 

"During spare time, I go for fun-filled activities with my family and friends. Besides movies, we enjoy adventure trips and picnics. However, the main idea is to spend some quality time with family," says Sajeevan. 

"This Saturday, I and my family along with my friend and his family drove to Country Club. On our way back we stopped for shopping at a mall, and later watched Abhishek Bachhan’s latest flick Delhi 6. I am a complete movie fan," confesses Sajeevan, saying he prefers classics from Bollywood and Hollywood, besides Tamil and Malayalam on his home theatre.
Sunday was spent with family for a social cause. "We decided to dedicate some time to a particular organization, which imparts education and training to underprivileged children," says Sajeevan. "We spent time with them, had lunch together and played games as well as educated them a bit. It was a very fulfilling day and I plan to spend more such days," he says. 

With a family of five, including his mother and two kids, Sajeevan turns into a complete homebody on weekends. He enjoys home-cooked food prepared by his wife, who he says is a wonderful cook.

"I love reading, and my day is incomplete without a considerable amount of time being spent in reading. I’m also passionate about photography, and I like to capture nature through my camera. Canon’s CSP 2008 calendar includes some pictures from my collection," reveals Sajeevan.

And with photography being one of his passions, can the love of travel be far behind. Offering exotic and scenic views as well as virgin and pristine beaches, the Andaman islands are Sajeevan’s favorite holiday destination. "The natural beauty and serenity of the place remains intact as ever and I always like going back to the Andaman to get a break from the fatigue of city life," he says.

Sajeevan says he always strives to strike a balance between his personal and professional life. "Both the spaces are entirely different and require different approaches. I reserve all my holidays for family affairs, while at work, I focus undivided attention to my business activities," says he.

And finally how does he react to the one word that every professional dreads these days, the recession or slowdown? "Everyday has a new challenge due to the current business dynamics," says Sajeevan. "Personally speaking, I treat challenges and roadblocks as a great learning and treat them as jewels of life," he concludes, striking an optimistic note.