IAMAI Sets Up New Committee To Combat Online Piracy

by CXOtoday News Desk    Dec 14, 2016


Online Piracy

In order to get a hold on online piracy, and secure the online and digital businesses, IAMAI (Internet and Mobile Association of India) has created a work group, which alongside keeping a watch on online piracy, will also help build on digital standards and best practices for the industry. The chair of the committee will be Ajit Mohan of Hotstar, and co-chairs will be Uday Sodhi of SET India and Salil Kapoor of HOOQ. There are some other member companies in the work group, including Star Plus, Digivive, Radio Mirchi, Shermaroo, Viacom 18, Arre, and Eros. In a media statement, they said, “The ultimate objective is to create a self regulatory code of conduct, create drafts for standards and good business practices, create public awareness measures to minimize online piracy and help with regulatory and legal interventions as and when required.” 

Piracy has a direct impact on the online entertainment and media industry. Their true potential as a revenue generator is never realized, and the industry doesn’t grow as much,because of the menace of piracy of content produced. The IAMAI also pointed out that banning certain URLs and websites for being dangerous or malicious will not be suffice.

At the same time, if entire set of websites are banned or blocked, legitimate content will be blocked out, and legitimate freedom to access content will become an issue. The IAMAI then said in it’s statement, “Online Video Platforms (OVP) are soft targets and most vulnerable in the whole scheme of things as there are no specific laws regulating online content and they are subject to multiple criminal and civil laws.”

The implications on the OVP is rather different from TV or Radio. Due to disbalanced laws,the OVP industry is forced to pay numerous royalties, but lacks checking mechanisms and balances, except for individual ones from different companies, which look into legal compliance. To clarify this point, IAMAI said, “Statutory license provisions relating to copyrighted works which gives companies access to the content and provide additional protections against signal theft, circumvention of technological protection measures, and online copyright piracy are points to be taken up by the working group.”

To put the words different, the workgroup will now be taking up the job of ensuring that copyrighted works are not infringed upon, and that leaks and hacks are taken care of adequately. Also, legal provisions with regards to persecuting defaulting entities, is something the new work group intends to take up in it’s functioning.