IBF Media to host cloud computing technology series

by CXOtoday Staff    Mar 22, 2011

cloud computingContinuing with the cloud computing technology series that kicked off in 2010, IBF Media will conduct a panel discussion on Cloud Security at the ITC Grand Central Hotel, Mumbai, India on March 23, 2011 from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM. Focused on cloud security, the upcoming event will comprise of panelists such as Bikram Barman (senior engineering manager, RSA); Andy Karandikar (head marketing, Red Hat India); Raman Srinivasan (manager HP -India Software Operations); Nitin Khanapurkar (ED with the Advisory practice – KPMG); Rajendra Dhavale (director- technical sales – CA); Dhiren Savla (Ex- Director IT & CIO – Crisil).

“One of the most significant concerns for customers regarding cloud computing has to be cloud security. We hence felt it was befitting to conduct a panel discussion with some of the leading players in the industry on this topic thereby dispersing apprehensions and concerns about implementing the cloud and educating end users”, remarked Craig Sims, ED, IBF Media, US.

The panelist will discuss cloud security and the challenges that small and large enterprises face in implementing the cloud in their organizations and keeping their mission critical enterprise data secure. As informed, the event is expected to showcase latest trends to senior technology and IT professionals, customers and buyers of technology solutions and venture investors, as well. The panel will be composed of accomplished leaders from the technology industry, security specialist’s and technologists as well as IT professionals from companies in India that are facing the security challenges head on and competing in this space to win customers and help secure their data in the cloud.

This event presents and discusses one of the key challenges in cloud computing, which is securing a company’s mission critical data. One of the fundamental issues facing CIOs and technology professionals today is if they deploy the cloud, then how do they secure their applications and data.