IBM Announces Batch-on-Grid Software

by CXOtoday Staff    May 12, 2006

In a bid to further expand its grid computing offerings and provide an added impetus to grid based computing, IBM has announced new self-managing autonomic software called IBM Batch-on-Grid.

The software will allow organizations to ensure that their systems are up and running during unforeseen events such as system failure, natural disasters or even during deployment of complex applications across a grid environment.

In essence, Batch-on-Grid creates batch workloads within Grid computing environments, following which it uses autonomic technology to automatically schedule and balance these workloads. The software intuitively accommodates spikes and lulls in computing workload on the fly to different servers on a grid, resulting in a continuously running system.

“By incorporating self-managing autonomic software into workload management, we’re able to help ensure our clients’ systems remain up and running at all times,” said Bob Madey, VP - strategy, IBM Tivoli software.

By shifting grid workloads, organizations can prioritize their actions, so that the most important jobs such as those involving customers and supply chain partners are attended to first read an IBM release.

With Batch-on-Grid one can set up a certain capacity limit for a server and as soon as that server approaches that threshold, the software will instantly shifts the workload on demand to another server. This arrangement ensures customers and partners are provided with continuous service.

In addition to this, big blue claims that the software is SOA compatible as well and is capable of balancing computing workloads in the most complex, heterogeneous IT environments.

The solution which manages batch workloads across grid, mainframe and distributed computing environments consists of new versions of IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler, IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler Load Leveler, a job management system and IBM Tivoli Intelligent Orchestrator.