IBM Brings Cloud Computing to Universities

by enterpriser staff    Jan 27, 2009

Till date IBM has 13 cloud computing centers around the world, and has enabled small organizations and very large enterprises to use this compute model to lower costs and extend new services to users.


One of the first projects to bring cloud computing to the Middle East, the Qatar Cloud Computing Initiative, is operational and initially located at Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar. In addition Qatar University, and Texas A&M University at Qatar will also collaborate on this environment to use cloud computing for advanced research including search, data mining, scientific modeling and simulation, computational biology, and financial modeling and forecasting and so on.

In South Africa, the Computational Intelligence Research Group at the University of Pretoria, will use cloud computing for next-generation medical research. Through this initiative, students will find ways to slow the progression of serious illnesses by studying drug absorption rates and protein structure folding of a person’s DNA once introduced to a certain type of medication.

In East Africa, IBM is working with The HEALTH (Higher Education Alliance for Leadership Through Health) Alliance, a consortium of seven east African universities to extend education through virtual computing labs that students access remotely. Through this cloud, students of the Alliance will have access to the most advanced educational materials, select software applications, and computing and storage resources, without incurring the expense of maintaining and powering full computing environments.

In Japan, students at Kyushu University are taking part in Societal Information System Engineering classes, which are advanced courses that foster highly skilled IT engineers to thrive once entering the global workforce. With one-on-one collaboration with outside engineers from key enterprises, students are nurtured with high ethical standards based on the clear understandings of society’s positioning of information and communication technology.


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