IBM Collab Tools Promise Enhanced Decision Making

by CXOtoday Staff    Nov 26, 2008

IBM has announced its latest Rational Quality Management Portfolio of collaboration tools to help business leaders and IT professionals more effectively collaborate on the software delivery process.

At the core of this portfolio is IBM Rational Quality Manager, a new, collaborative “hub” designed to unify IT professionals with key business stakeholders within an organization. Based on the Jazz technology platform, it is able to provide this collaboration by using a Web-based centralized test management environment, according to IBM.

The solution that has a Web 2.0 interface, according to IBM, helps employees within an organization collaborate across business roles and beyond geographic boundaries. For example, a CIO can use Rational Quality Manager’s dashboard to monitor the aspects of the software delivery process that are contributing to the development of a product. As a result of being informed in real-time, the CIO can make immediate decisions that are in line with the needs of the business, and deliver a high quality product to the marketplace on time and ahead of the competition.

IBM claims implementation of the collaboration tools can yield the following benefits:

* Mitigating business risk: Catch defects earlier and keep the team in synch with dynamic process and activity-based workflows
* Improving operational efficiency: Automate labor-intensive lifecycle processes and determine optimal plans addressing wide range of platforms and requirements
* Gaining greater visibility: Make reliable decisions with constant access to prioritized metrics tailored for individuals and teams
* Delivering greater predictability: Adopt successful deployment patterns and map to operational KPIs.

According to a study, businesses lose over $300 billion annually in software-related downtimes and 41 percent of IT projects fail to deliver the expected business value and return on investment (ROI). By ensuring all relevant members of the workforce are in-sync and have access to data in real-time, a company can more easily make informed decisions, better assign and utilize their resources, and react quickly to changes in the marketplace at a lower cost.

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