IBM continues to bet big on mainframe

by CXOtoday News Desk    Aug 28, 2012

IBMmainframeIBM has recently announced the launch of its zEC12 enterprise mainframe server. The new offering is designed to provide support for operational analytics to sort through large volumes of raw data and transform it to gain competitive advantage.

“We continue to drive innovation on System z, allowing a broader set of clients to apply its leadership capabilities in security and resiliency to the current demands of their business, be they from analytics, Cloud or mobile computing,” said Sreenath Chary, Platform Leader – System z, IBM India South Asia.

Chary added that the company’s end-to-end design approach for smarter computing, from processors to systems to software optimization, is targeted to handle complicated business challenges associated with managing, protecting and analysing a client’s most critical information. This he believes makes the mainframe the ultimate enterprise system.”

Commenting on Mainframes’ increasingly important role in enterprise data environment Chary said enterprises as grapple with the well-documented growth of data, they look for ways to secure and gain insights from such critical information so as to provide their clients with new services. For example, a retail company managing online transactions on zEC12 can gain insights from client information that will enable it to provide clients with a more customised shopping experience.

The IBM zEC12 enterprise system is the result of an investment by IBM Systems and Technology Group of more than $1 billion in IBM research and development primarily in Poughkeepsie, New York as well as 17 other IBM labs around the world as well as in collaboration with some of IBM’s top clients.

The new IBM mainframe is one of the most secure enterprise systems ever, according to the company, with built-in security features designed to meet the security and compliance requirements of different industries.

With operational analytics and near real-time workload monitoring and analysis, clients can use the new zEC12 for a variety of workloads, including hybrid clouds that can offer 25 percent more performance per core and 50 percent greater total system capacity than its predecessor.