IBM empowers Jet Airways’ green initiatives

by CXOtoday News Desk    Sep 11, 2012

Green InitiativesIBM has enabled Jet Airways to more accurately calculate, track and report aircraft emissions. Realizing this significant milestone as a part of the Strategic Outsourcing construct allows Jet Airways to use advanced analytics to map the carrier’s carbon emissions, optimizing its fuel usage by detailed analysis of each flight.

In 2010, Jet Airways signed a strategic 10-year business transformation agreement with IBM to streamline and consolidate its IT operations. This association has helped Jet Airways to focus on their core business and improve operational efficiencies, as well as delivering a seamless customer experience.

IBMs Integrated Emission Management System gives Jet Airways a process to analyze and calculate individual aircraft emissions, which is a complex process involving comparison of flight records and fuel usage data contained in multiple systems ranging from internal aircraft systems to regional navigation data and flight records. The solution ensures that all flight emissions are properly calculated, and reporting is accurate & timely.

“Creating an energy efficient airline is a top priority and we are committed to the environment and a greener world. With IBM’s solution, Jet Airways will be able to evaluate carbon foot print not only at the fleet level but also at the aircraft level. It will help us optimize the fuel usage and thereby create a positive impact on the environment” said Sudheer Raghavan, Chief Commercial Officer, Jet Airways.