IBM Enhances Security for Virtual Environments

by CXOtoday Staff    Nov 16, 2009

IBM has introduced a software product designed to help organisations secure and protect their virtual server infrastructure.

IBM Virtual Server Security for VMware vSphere is meant to help safeguard virtual server environments and ensures a more secure path for transitioning critical assets to virtual enterprise data centers.

Migration to virtual environments also requires businesses to take measures to be prepared for the next generation of security threats and compliance challenges. In this respect, IBM has been working with clients to manage the migration to virtualisation so that the process is simpler and also optimises client infrastructure. According to IBM, such measures need to be taken since the addition of IT layers leads to reduced visibility and contol.

IBM Virtual Server Security for VMware vSphere helps address these concerns, provides protection for every layer of the virtual infrastructure including the hypervisor, operating system, network, applications, server-based virtual desktops, virtual machine and traffic between virtual machines.

By integrating with VMware VMsafe technology, IBM’s new software provides its customers with better visibility, security granularity and scalability in their growing virtual data centers.

Automatic protection features include:

  • Virtual Network Access Control (VNAC) to limit network access from a virtual server until security posture is confirmed
  • Rootkit detection and prevention to increase virtual server uptime and availability
  • Virtual infrastructure monitoring and reporting to identify vulnerabilities
  • Autodiscovery and virtual network segment protection to provide visibility and control of the virtual infrastructure

IBM Virtual Server Security for VMware vSphere is expected to be available by December 2009.