IBM Leads Hybrid Cloud Environment Adoption: Report

by Wrik Sen    Aug 02, 2016

IBM Leads Hybrid Cloud Environment Adoption Report

According to the Cloud Customer Research survey by Technology Business Research Inc. (TBR), IBM has been announced as the No.1 company amongst 1,800 other respondents, for adoption of hybrid cloud environment. Of all the companies included in the survey, IBM was announced by TBR as the leader in adoption of hybrid environment, owing mainly to its enterprise customer base, brand reputation, and the expertise in IT transformation and hybrid integration.

“Hybrid integration is the next stage in cloud adoption and will be the end state for many enterprise IT environments. Enterprise hybrid adoption now matches that of public adoption a year ago, signaling a new wave of maturity in customers’ cloud strategies,” commented Kelsey Mason, Cloud Analyst at TBR. IBM’s leadership is in the area of overall vendor adoption for hybrid cloud, and also in select hybrid cloud segments, due to the expansive portfolio, as well as the services division, which assists customers in aligning, integrating, and deploying IT resources to meet the requirements of a cloud based environment.

Some of the other findings of the TBR report are:

- Business intelligence and analytics, naming Watson on IBM Cloud and SPSS and Cognos on-premises as popular offerings.

- Enterprise marketing for its IBM Customer Experience Cloud, which uses analytics capabilities and Watson to provide customers with actionable insights that they can leverage to optimize their digital marketing campaigns and improve targeting.

- Enterprise e-commerce for its IBM Commerce on Cloud offering, which was recently expanded to include Watson capabilities.


“IBM’s hybrid cloud capabilities allow our clients to continue getting value from their existing investments while giving them on-demand, scalable access to infrastructure and services, including cutting-edge offerings like Watson, across our global footprint of IBM Cloud Data Centerss,” said Jim Comfort, the Chief Technology Officer at IBM while speaking about the value additions and reason why clients continue to bank on them.