IBM Mainframe Gets zIIP

by CXOtoday Staff    Jan 27, 2006

IBM has announced that it is adding System z9 Integrated Information Processor (zIIP), a specialized data processor to its z9 mainframes to accelerate data processing loads associated with CRM, ERP, and BI computing tasks.

The Big blue says that zIIP will allow for easier centralization of data on the mainframe and with the zIIP capability, the System z9 mainframe will help minimize the need to maintain duplicate copies of the data and also provide better security between the applications and the data.

According to Jim Stallings, GM, IBM System z, “When users centralize their data on the mainframe, they may decrease the risks associated with having multiple copies of data across diverse systems. Audit, compliance, control and business recovery may be easier to manage when there is a single copy of the data. The mainframe with zIIP engine can increasingly play an essential role as a security-rich enterprise data hub.”

The mainframe’s flagship operating system, z/OS, will direct the work between the general processor and the zIIP. The zIIP is designed so a software program can work with z/OS to dispatch workloads to the zIIP with no anticipated changes to the application informed IBM.

IBM DB2 for z/OS version 8 will be the first IBM software able to take advantage of the zIIP.

IBM is planning to make zIIP and its requisite software available sometime later this year. It is priced at $125,000 and there will be no additional software charges associated with the processor.