IBM, SAP Demo Cloud Enabling Technology

by CXOtoday Staff    Mar 03, 2009

IBM, SAP preview new technology that enables live migration of SAP applications across remote IBM POWER6 systems via cloud computing at CeBIT.

The technology, developed as a part of the European Union-funded RESERVOIR cloud computing project, is designed to provide companies with a range of cloud computing solutions to meet their specific business needs.

In this technology demonstration, IBM and SAP showed how users can run enterprise applications in the cloud, in particular demonstrating the migration of workloads across physical servers and across datacenters.

"The breakthrough is that applications can flexibly move across remote physical servers, regardless of location — which makes our work a strong enabling technology for the cloud," explained Dr. Joachim Schaper, VP EMEA of SAP Research. "Specifically, in cloud-scale environments, service providers will need to provide users with access to services across the cloud. Service providers will need to compete on performance and Quality of Service — and so the future cloud will need to support application mobility across disparate datacenters to enhance performance."

Dr. Yaron Wolfsthal, senior manager for system technologies at IBM’s Research Lab in Haifa, Israel, where the technology was developed, said, "The new technology is allowing us to realize the vision of true cloud computing by moving applications across disparate interconnected networks to optimize load balancing across remote servers. When changes in workload occur, the new technology autonomically balances resource utilization and power consumption across remote servers. This is done, for example, by evacuating and turning off under-utilized servers (and possibly entire datacenters) when demand drops, and powering on idle servers when load increases."

In this demonstration, the migration of SAP workloads across the cloud is supported by IBM’s POWER6 systems, which enable users to run separate applications on different virtual machines, called logical partitions, on the same physical server. The IBM POWER6 system’s Live Partition Mobility capability further allows for the movement of a partition from one POWER6-based server to another POWER6-based server in the datacenter with no application downtime, resulting in better system utilization, improved application availability, and energy savings.

RESERVOIR (Resources and Services Virtualization without Barriers) is an IBM-led joint research initiative of 13 European partners to develop technologies that help automate the fluctuating demand for IT resources in a cloud computing environment.


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