IBM’s analytics appliances zero in on BFSI and telcos

by Ashwani Mishra    Dec 14, 2011

Big Data has emerged a challenge to manage within the enterprise space, and if rightly done, it can translate into competitive advantage.

IBM realized this some years back and the company spent billion of dollars in buying data management and business intelligence companies like Netezza, Cognos, Platform Computing, i2, and Algorithmics.

The company now is aiming to get its market share for Big Data BI and analytics products.

In October, it launched IBM Netezza Network Analytics Accelerator to help communications service providers (CSPs) analyze petabytes of customer and network data in a few minutes.

“Managing Big Data challenge cannot be solved by buying a single product. Our strategy is to have a rich set of products that enterprise users can use to their advantage,” says Tim Young, VP APAC Marketing at Netezza, an IBM Company.

Young, who was working with Netezza before IBM acquired the company last year for $1.7 billion says that the new analytics platform provides helps users improve network performance and gain insights into customer experiences.

He adds that prior to the acquisition, Netezza lacked consulting or professional services of its own, but now being a part of IBM, the missing pieces have been found.

“We will be targeting the financial services and the telecom segment in the country initially with this launch,” he says.

The platform is designed to analyze data from a wide range of sources, including mobile devices and social networks like Facebook and can be bundled with Cognos analytics tools. The solution will allow users to predict peak demand times and adjust their networks accordingly.

In 2008, Shoppers Stop had selected the Netezza data warehouse appliance to provide faster and more comprehensive sales data analytics for its expanding retail operations throughout India.

The company also introduced IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator that incorporates the Netezza data warehouse appliance into the IBM zEnterprise System for faster analytic responses.

Young says that at a time when organizations are demanding access to customer purchase histories, customer behaviors and real time sales trends, DB2 Analytics Accelerator will aid customers to sift through this massive amount of data and make the information relevant and actionable in a timelier manner.