IBM's New Software To Simplify Information

by CXOtoday Staff    Jun 27, 2005

IBM has recently announced a beta program for new software that allows all types of information to be more effectively used to power business intelligence systems and, consolidate enterprise applications.

It also enables to create and manage master repositories of critical business information, while facilitating search and access information on demand no matter where it is stored within the enterprise.

The new products are expected to simplify the complex task of integrating various types of information in the enterprise, enhance the quality and accuracy of that information, and improve the productivity of the individuals managing it.

IBM offers the industry’s broadest portfolio of information integration products to give customers the flexibility to tap into both structured information (such as databases from any vendor or ERP systems) and unstructured information (such as email or images) and use this information for maximum benefit.

IBM is combining technology from the acquisition of Ascential Software earlier this year with IBM’s existing information integration portfolio. This consists of technology from both the Ascential project code-named Hawk and IBM’s project Serrano.

The company also announced its WebSphere Information Analyzer, part of project Hawk, which provides end-to-end data profiling, auditing and business-oriented analysis in a single product. It shares a central repository with IBM WebSphere DataStage and IBM WebSphere QualityStage, allowing immediate metadata sharing and traceability across those products.