ICICI Bank Implements CBS Booster

by Amit Tripathi    Sep 30, 2004

The hunger for using technology to steal a march over competitors by a fractional percentage of customer base has lead ICICI Bank to purchase a Transaction Business Management System-Finance (TBMS-F) solution that would make the existing Core Banking Solution (CBS) more ’intelligent’ in providing profitability analysis.

Speaking to CXOtoday, Madhabi Puri Buch, senior general manager, head-product & technology group, ICICI Bank, said, “We have selected SunTec’s TBMS-F due to it’s scalability in handling customers, number of business variants that it can handle and it’s performance at other banks.”

All this while, as Buch informed, the bank had used in-house developed applications to conduct profitability analysis and also to provide billing information to customers. But, according to Buch, the scenario now is completely different. She adds, “Earlier there was not much of segmentation of the market as far as providing various products are concerned.”

An obvious query that arises here is regarding the necessity of such a solution, when a CBS is already implemented that performs a similar function. Buch justified, “We went for CBS at a time when fine segmentation of the market was not done. Now more and more products are being churned out targeting specific needs of customers. For example, the current account itself has six variants, over and above what is termed as made-to-order account.”

The TBMS-F will extract data from CBS (Finacle) and maintain various musters of customers from where the transformed data will go out in two ways; one to the customer in the form of e-mails and second a file will be generated that will be fed back to the CBS. The application is interfaced to the CBS through a file exchange protocol.

TBMS-F from SunTec is a relationship based charging and billing solution that follows a pricing matrix at five distinct levels, namely the time-sensitive special offerings pricing, delivery channel level pricing, location level pricing, segment level pricing, and product level pricing

Both account managers as well as relationship managers can use the application for viewing customer account hierarchy. The implementation has covered two products of ICICI Bank, namely general corporate banking and mobile banking. It is supposed to handle 3 lakh corporate accounts of the bank and will be rolled out to all ICICI branches in India.

In the second phase of implementation, other areas like securities, trade financing, cash management, and integration with RBI’s RTGS will be covered - a project that is expected to complete by February 2005.

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