IDEA's Easy Mail Powered by Memova

by CXOtoday Staff    Dec 20, 2006

Critical Path Inc., a provider of messaging software and services, has announced that IDEA Cellular has launched Easy Mail, a mass-market mobile email service.

Easy Mail is powered by Critical Path’s Memova Mobile technology, which pushes messages from existing email accounts to everyday mobile phones. Smart phones or specialized client software are not required to use Easy Mail service, hence making it attractive to consumers and small business users with standard mobile phones.

Tailored to the needs of consumers, Easy Mail rallies up for the rapidly increasing demands of the mass mobile market in India and works on any GRPS-enabled handset.

Pradeep Shrivastava, chief marketing officer, IDEA Cellular comments, “Easy Mail is an exciting product for those of us who wish to remain accessible on the move. The product does indeed redefine email access and provides an easy-to-use interface for every IDEA GPRS user. I am certain that Easy Mail will prove beneficial, especially to our SME customers.”

Memova Mobile delivers email, personalized content, entertainment and information to everyday mass-market phones. It helps to mobilize the email accounts consumers are already using, and connects with the popular news, blogs, music, sports and other multimedia content that subscribers frequently use.

Content feeds can be personalized according to the consumers’ interest, and users can easily allow or block email senders so they get only the messages that matter. Users can send and receive emails with multimedia content, including pictures, video and audio.

Leveraging existing MMS infrastructure, Memova Mobile enables operators to minimize costs.

Donald Dew, CTO, Critical Path said, “Memova Mobile will help IDEA Cellular unlock the enormous potential of the mass market in India by delivering the easy, personalized and affordable solution consumers are asking for.”