IMG opts for scalable deduplication and archiving

by CXOtoday Staff    Jun 16, 2010

IMG, a sports, entertainment and media company, has deployed CommVault Simpana software to ensure high availability of business-critical applications and data. IMG has operations in 30 countries and 1,700 employees at 60 remote sites. The company relies on a vast amount of information to deliver quality service to its clients and marketing and media network partners.

The company replaced its expensive legacy data protection solution in EMEA and disparate backup and recovery software throughout the rest of the world with Simpana software. Now IMG projects savings of up to US $1 million over three years, as well as significant reductions in the cost of tape management globally.

According to IMG, the company is using Simpana software’s built-in deduplication feature to reduce the size of the company’s backup disk capacity requirements by up to 80 percent as compared to their previous solution. Additionally, the combination of Simpana backup, replication and archive modules is providing gains in operational efficiency through reduced workload and delegation of tasks.

Global data management with deduplication, replication and archiving
With Simpana software’s integrated functionality and seamless scalability, IMG is able to keep pace with rapid data growth, at lower storage costs, reduce administrative overhead and achieve gains in data retention and operational efficiencies.

According to IMG, CommVault’s deduplication feature has enabled reduction of its estimated backup storage footprint by up to 80 percent, decreasing 216 TB of data to 44 TB. This has enabled IMG to limit backup disk costs. The deduplicated data is then backed up and replicated to a regional hub for improvements in business continuity while ensuring rapid, reliable data recovery using existing bandwidth for remote sites.

Simpana software’s centralized management console has also provided a better level of service and faster recoveries. According to IMG, 95 percent of data restores are now performed by their internal help desk personnel, freeing IT staff to focus on more strategic technology initiatives. Additionally, the team can expedite disk-based restores, which now take minutes instead of days to recover data from tape.

The company projects that Simpana software’s Archive module will enable retention of more than one year of data for accelerated recoveries while also providing better preparation to address future compliance and/or discovery requirements.

IMG’s network engineers, who are part of a 50-person IT department, are responsible for overseeing approximately 300 physical and virtual file servers running Microsoft Windows, Unix and VMware vSPhere, respectively. The team also supports Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, SharePoint, SQL Server and other core business applications.