India Emerging As Hub For Supercomputing?

by CXOtoday News Desk    Feb 11, 2014


The 42nd worldwide edition of the Top500 Supercomputers list released today revealed that 12 Supercomputers1 ranked in the Top500 list are housed in India and powered by Intel HPC technologies. Consequently, India is ranked third in Asia as home to the world’s Top500 Supercomputers with China taking the lead position with 65 Supercomputers and Japan at second place with 30 Supercomputers.

Released biannually by TOP500, the ranking has elevated India to the global map in High Performance Computing (HPC) technology which is applied in data intensive environments like weather forecasting and seismic analysis. In 2012, only 6 Supercomputers powered by Intel HPC technologies from India made it to the Top500 list.

With unstructured data accounting for 80 percent of all data and growing 15 times faster than other data[IDC Digital Universe 2020 (2013)], entities across segments worldwide are looking to tap into all of this data to uncover valuable insights. Intel is addressing this need with the announcement of the IntelHPC Distribution for Apache Hadoop software (Intel HPC Distribution) that combines the Intel Distribution for Apache Hadoop software with Intel® Enterprise Edition of Lustre software to deliver an enterprise-grade solution for storing and processing large data sets.

Additionally, Intel is also collaborating with partners to take full advantage of technologies available today, as well as create the next generation of highly integrated solutions that are easier to program for and are more energy-efficient. As a part of this collaboration Intel plans to deliver customized HPC products to meet the diverse needs of customers. This initiative is aimed at extending Intel’s continued value of standards-based scalable platforms to include optimizations that will accelerate the next wave of scientific, industrial, and academic breakthroughs.