India Gains High Ground in Carbon War

by CXOtoday Staff    May 26, 2009

Even though carbon emission will increase in the coming decades due to rapid rural development, India will remain one of the least carbon intensive countries in the world. This will boost India s stance against an international community that wants it to do more to cut down on carbon emissions

For those who thought rapid economic growth is an environment disaster; India might just prove everyone wrong. Mckinsey, in a pre-publication presentation of its latest report, says despite a 7.5% annual growth-rate, India will continue to be one of the least carbon intensive countries in the world.

The World Bank also said in a recent report that it is impossible for the India government to reduce its carbon emissions without condemning its citizens to poverty. The World Bank s argument is that since the Indian government is likely to aggressively push for rural electrification it would be difficult to control the resulting increase in carbon emissions.

It however said that the increase can be controlled if low-carbon policies are implemented by the government.

These reports will boost the Indian government, which has been embroiled in bitter arguments with the international community as it continues to oppose the proposed setting of minimum emission levels for developing countries.

India wants developed national to set more stringent emission targets before asking developing countries to do the same.

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