India Gets Maximum Spam Calls in The World: Study

by CXOtoday News Desk    Jul 17, 2017


Spam calls are on the rise than ever before, according to a study that revesls that Indians received maximum spam calls in 2017 out of a research done on 20 countries. The study done by Truecaller, a telephone directory app which has over 250 million users around the world, reveals that India slides in first with the average Truecaller user receiving 22.6 spam calls per month. 

Tying in for second place are the United States and Brazil with an estimated 20.7 calls per user each month, it said.

“On a deeper dive, we found that there are common categories that tie all these spam calls together. These would be the operator, debt collection, bank, political, health, spam, telemarketing, financial service, scam and insurance,” the study revealed.

The research states that more than half of India’s spam calls (54%) are from telecom operators. “India’s spam call issue lies with operators and financial services. Many of these operators are seeking to provide special offers for free data or unlimited calls. Which doesn’t sound so bad – until you get bombarded by them,” it said.

“The regions span across the world, and even some countries that are on the same continent differ drastically in what type of spam call they receive,” it added.

Spam calls in the U.S. have risen by yet another 20 percent (from 18.8 spam calls), making the United States second in line to be the world’s most spam-call plagued country.

In the U.S. spam calls are dominated by nuisance and scam calls. Financial services and debt collectors are also a big category that is spamming our users.

With operators being the top spammers (33%) in Brazil, usually, these calls are seeking to provide special offers for free data or unlimited calls. The second biggest spammers in Brazil are debt collectors who make up (24%) of the top spammers in the country.

The next among the spam affected countries are Chile, South Africa, and Mexico. The data in the research was aggregated anonymously from incoming calls that either has been marked as spam by users or automatically been flagged by Truecaller.