India ranks 14th in PC security survey

by CXOtoday News Desk    Jul 31, 2013


Basic computer security is sometimes the only way consumers can protect themselves against cyber crime. A recent survey by security software firm, McAfee has shown that India is ahead of countries like US, Japan and Singapore in terms of PC security. The global survey conducted across 24 countries, analyzed data from 27-28 million PCs per month. The check was done to figure out the number of computers which have basic security software installed such as anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall technologies.

The countries that topped the highest computer security list were Finland (90.3 percent), Italy (86.2 percent) and Germany (85.55 percent). India was 14th on the list with 82.67 percent, China with 82 percent and US and Japan in the 19th spot with 80.65 percent. Singapore was ranked at 22nd position with 78.25 percent and the global average was 83 percent.

The study also revealed that 17 percent of PCs had no anti-virus installed or security was disabled. This goes to prove that most people are not aware that once the anti-virus subscription expires, the PC is no longer protected. Some may even disable the security installed to play games online. Almost 10.9 percent of the PCs scanned in India did not have a security solution. The study said that some people still believe that if they are simply surfing online, their computer does not need anti-virus installed.

McAfee Co-President Todd Gebhart said “Its gratifying to see that the majority of consumers have gotten the message that at the very least they need to have basic security protection installed. Cases of cyber-attacks against banks, technology firms, e-stores and government agencies are on the rise and have cost millions of dollars worth of losses.”