India ranks high in analytics outsourcing, says report

by CXOtoday News Desk    Aug 05, 2013


India has ranked high as the preferred destination for analytics outsourcing as compared to other Asian countries such as China and Philippines. The ranking was based on several factors such as talented workforce, lower costs and operational efficiencies. The report was published by Jigsaw Academy Analytics.

One of the main reasons why India is the most sought out after analytics destination is the process expertise of the talent pool from India and the English language proficiency. Unlike the BPOs , analytics is a skill which is considered a part of the KPO and required special skills which are lacking in other Asian nations.

“India will remain to be a preferred outsourcing destination for IT and ITes services due to the highly talented workforce, lower costs and operational efficiencies among others,” the report said.

The report further added that there was a shortage of talent in web analytics and social media analytics and Indian analytics service providers would be challenged into providing services such as model development, consulting and proprietary IP based services.

A comparison was also done on the basis of which city rakes in the most salary among analytics service professionals. The results declared, around 60 per cent of the analytics professionals earn over Rs 6 lakh per annum and 20 per cent earn over 15 lakh per annum. Mumbai was the highest earner with 11.49 lakh, followed by Bangalore with an average salary of Rs 11.34 lakh and Gurgaon Rs 10.42 lakh.