India Sets 3G Guidelines

by CXOtoday Staff    Aug 01, 2008

The government has introduced the next generation (3G) mobile services guidelines that include mobile number portability, allowing users to switch operators while retaining existing numbers.

With the start of new guidelines for 3G spectrum, now radio frequency can be availed against a reserve price.

For instance, for a 2×5 Mhz spectrum block for Mumbai and Delhi marked as category -A shall cost Rs 160 crore. Similarly for Kolkata and other cities, under category B, will cost Rs 80 crore and for category -C the price is Rs30 crore.

The government has also decided to allow about 10 players in the 3G space, including foreign players. Under the Mobile Number Portability guidelines, the country will be parted into 2 zones for implementing the scheme that exists across other telecom markets.

CDMA Development Group (CDG) India country head, B.V.Raman in a press statement said, ” CDG welcomes the DOT’s decision to open internationally harmonized bands, namely 450, 1900 & 2100 MHz. bands for 3G services. CDG also hopes that the DOT will make Spectrum available in the 450 & 1900 MHz. bands for auction at
the earliest.”

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