India third most targeted country by phishing: report

by CXOtoday News Desk    Dec 27, 2012


India – the land of software engineers and brainiacs is still one of the highest countries to be attacked by phishing. According to a RSA AFCC report, India is ranked as high as no.3 on the list of the most targeted countries in November.

This was announced by RSA, The Security Division of EMC on Thursday in its November 2012 Fraud Report stating that November also saw India as the third highest most targeted by volume with 7 percent of all global phishing attacks lead by U.S. and U.K. India replaced Canada, who saw a significant decrease from 27 percent of total attack volume in October to just 4 percent in November.

The RSA’s AFCC November 2012 report takes a look at Ransomware, a trojan/malware that can lock files on an infested machine and restrict access to the computer unless the user agrees to pay a ‘ransom’ for the restrictions to be removed.

The reported also revealed that phishing attacks increased 24% in November with 41,834 attacks identified by RSA. To date, the RSA Anti-Fraud Command Center has shut down 767,442 cyber attacks. The U.S. and UK were targeted by the most volume of phishing attacks in November, but India emerged as the third most targeted, enduring 7% of phishing attack volume last month.

This month’s highlight looks at a new malware kit that RSA analysed going for sale in the underground for $899. The malware offers a ransomware component that locks down files on all Windows-based machines. A look at the botnet control panel shows infection rates up to 20%.