Indian CIOs Are Gearing Up For Digital Transformation

by Priyanka Pugaokar    Oct 21, 2016

‘Digital’ is the latest buzzword in the industry and with the government placing a lot of emphasis on digitization, the Digital India story is turning out to be a powerful and compelling one. However, Indian enterprises, especially the traditional businesses are yet to embrace the new changes as the digital transformation creates certain disruptions in standard business practices. One of the key challenges is that Indian CIOs are not open for digital transformation as they find it an expensive and a time consuming affair. 

Having said that, we cannot deny the fact that enterprises in the country are slowly acknowledging the power of digital means and with the government giving a push to digital, many of them are making it an integral part of organizations’ boardroom agenda. Indian enterprises are in the midst of a rapid digital transformation of both the new and traditional businesses. This rapid evolution requires enterprises and industries to advance with a sound digital transformation strategy for existing business lines, new business models, and technology. But it is important to see how organizations can harness its strengths to benefit the masses.

In a candid interaction with CXOToday, Aroop Zutshi, Global President & Managing Partner, Frost & Sullivan sheds light on the current state of the digital transformation among Indian enterprises. He also highlights the major pain points of CIOs in getting through the digital transformation journey. Zutshi, who is very optimistic about the digital journey of India says that digital would be the foundation of the business strategies of Indian enterprises.