Indian organisations are secretive about security leaks

by Sharon Lobo    May 16, 2013

The security landscape today has evolved tremendously over the past few years. As new modes of attacks continue to be reported, it is imperative that CIOs are prepared to counter any catastrophic situation their organization might be subjected to.

In an exclusive video interview to CXOtoday, Didier Guibal, EVP - Worldwide Sales, Websense, explains the current global security landscape and why no organization how big or small should ever consider itself immune to security breaches.

1. Could you explain the changes in the global security landscape? What are the key factors causing this change? (00:07)

2. How different or similar is the Indian security landscape when compared to the global security landscape? (01:45)

3. What security misconceptions are responsible for security breaches in organizations? (03:13)

4. What security strategies should CIOs/ CISOs implement to ensure their organizations can quickly respond to surprise attacks? (04:27)

5. How should CIOs/CISOs ensure their security strategies do not hamper employee productivity? (05:53)

6. What role should legislators play to ensure businesses have a robust security architecture in place? (07:18)

7. What are Websense’s USPs? How do they help Indian businesses stay secure? (08:10)