Indian Telcos Eye APAC Opportunities At CommunicAsia

by Swaminathan B    May 31, 2016


Indian telecommunication companies are eyeing for expansion in the Asia Pacific region through the CommunicAsia 2016 and BroadcastAsia 2016.

Inaugurating the event, Yaacob bin Ibrahim, Minister for IT and Communication and information said, “Today, we are a global financial centre, with many MNCs like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Cisco, and Microsoft setting up their Asia-Pacific headquarters in Singapore. McKinsey ranks Singapore as the most globally connected country in the world based on the flow of goods, services, finance, people and data.

Therefore, Singapore is making a big national push to help students and ICT professionals to constantly refresh and update their skillsets.”

He further recalled that last month thegovernment is setting aside S$120 million to invest in the development of info-com capabilities over the next three years. “We are adopting an integrated approach – government together with industry – to grow these capabilities through the TechSkills Accelerator, or TeSA for short.

TeSA has two focus areas: TeSA Core will focus on foundational ICT skills that are relevant across all industries such as cyber security and data analytics; while TeSA Sector will comprise more specialised skillsets that build on the TeSA Core foundation, starting with finance and healthcare sectors,” he said.

Indian companies looking further

India has been given a separate pavilion at both the CommuinicAsia and BroadcastAsia. 41 companies on ICT and 13 Broadcast companies were participating in the event. Some of the companies participated in the event were Neosoft, Cohesive technologies, NavSoft, FrogCellSatAlepo.

Sameer Adhyapak, Project Manager, Neosoft, said, “We provide software as a service and our main look-out in the event is to get more channel partners across the Asia Pacific region.” Hanif Sohrab, Chief Sales Officer, said,

“We are mainly into boosting the mobile signals which is a key challenge in India. With this summit we are eyeing more opportunities across the key telcos in the APAC region.”