Indian users watch 30% of their YouTube videos on mobile

by CXOtoday News Desk    Feb 12, 2013


YouTube has already been successful in creating a new level of enterprise-wide collaboration and productivity as well as a powerful platform for end users to create and share content. In its recent report, Google finds out that mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are acting as a trigger in the growing engagement of this video platform.

The research firm predicts that as smartphone penetration continues to rise in India, so will the opportunities for brands to personally reach audiences. That’s good news for advertisers, because greater connectivity across multiple screens will create more opportunities for brands to communicate with its audience.

The online survey of more than 2000 respondents revealed more than 70 percent of YouTube’s viewers in India are below 35, a young tech-savvy group whom Google referred to as Gen C. According to the report, audiences switch between devices 27 times a day, and Indian users watch nearly 30 percent of their YouTube videos on mobile. Smartphone owners spend one quarter of their YouTube time on mobile, while tablet owners spend about 20 percent time on the site.

According to the Google report, YouTube users are mostly engaged with creating and uploading video on YouTube. These create opportunities for advertisers to engage with customers based on their demography. 20 percent users create video content on a daily basis. The report also observes over 50 percent of Indian YouTube users share videos on social networks, and the same proportion also shares videos from YouTube over email, 60 percent post comments and 70 percent reads comments of others. The group is engaged in watching relevant videos that matters to them, using subscriptions help manage their interests and content preferences including branded content.

Google researchers believe that these interesting insights into India’s YouTube audiences can prove beneficial for brand advertisers.