Indian Wellness Industry Adopts Cloud Computing

by CXOtoday Staff    Apr 30, 2012

Indian Wellness Industry Adopts Cloud Computing

India’s wellness industry, considered to be one of the most recession-proof sectors, is increasingly looking to invest in cloud computing in order to save on capital expenditure and maintain lean IT operations.

The sector continued to grow at a rapid pace and is expected to cross $4 Billion by the end of 2012, according to the findings of a latest study by New York-based research firm AMI Partners.

Dev Chakravarty, Manager - Research at AMI-India pointed out that factors such as greater public awareness, change in lifestyle, rise in the average disposable income, growth of medical tourism as well as the rise of corporate houses promoting these facilities as employee incentives have triggered the growth of the wellness industry. “The industry is likely to grow at 25-30 percent over the next 2-3 years,” said Chakravarty.

In such a scenario, AMI-Partner noted that the utilisation of Information Technology has almost become mandatory for firms in the wellness segment. The research firm however indicated that the extent of adoption varies in accordance with the size and capacity of the firms. Bigger players with a national spread and reach are showing a higher level of technology usage and consider IT as a key enabler for achieving greater business efficiency. On the other hand, the usage is much lesser in smaller firms in the wellness sector who use IT in the areas of accounts, billing and records management.

It is in this context that the role of Cloud computing comes into the scene. With the Cloud already started to become a preferred choice among Indian CIOs/IT managers in almost every verticals, the wellness industry is certainly not an exception to this trend.

Besides global firms, currently, a number of Indian IT players are offering innovative and customised Cloud-based solutions to multiple verticals including the Wellness Industry. This has enabled the segment to enjoy the benefits associated with cloud computing. “Reduced IT staffing costs and hassle-free IT management/ deployment in particular appeal to the wellness firms as most of them possess an unmanaged IT set up with limited resources,” said Chakravarty.

Cloud computing has the potential to streamline business infrastructure such as Cloud-based CRM for managing customer records and relationship, mailing and messaging solutions, cloud-based packages in finance/ accounting, HR and payroll, to name a few. CIOs/IT managers in the wellness industry are especially seeing a lot of benefits in the adoption of cloud-based business application software like spa management and hospital management software to integrate their business processes.

CIOs/IT managers of Indian wellness firms are also adopting Internet-based applications for real-time updation of business information. Most of them see the Internet as a powerful tool for brand building and marketing through websites and social networking platforms.