Indians Design Fortress For Enterprise Security

by Julia Fernandes    Sep 02, 2004

With the alarming rate at which enterprises are turning towards the Internet medium to conduct business and transactions, its barely surprising that security concerns are occupying center stage.

To address the concern is the recently launched Seamless Product Application Network (SPAN) product suite that enables customers to use their networked applications securely over the Internet by integrating application security with network security.

Speaking to CXOtoday, Subash Warrier- founder and CEO, vfortress Security, said, “The SPAN suite is capable of managing the security aspect of all applications, right from messaging, portals, ERP, databases and document repositories and even SANs using the vFortress document server.”

According to Warrier, the vFortress security platform is a clientless, SSL VPN solution that offers secure access to a wide range of centralized application resources, from client/server applications to web-based intranets, all from a simple web-browser.

“Being a shrink wrap-off-the-shelf product it needs no customization at all. In fact, the security solution creates an Application Layer SSL VPN without the pain of re-engineering your application,” asserted Warrier.

Spelling the minimum hardware requirements to run the solution, Warrier stated that a Pentium II with 512 MB RAM and 1 GB disk space would suffice. The solution is already available in India can be purchased at $3500 for a 25-user pack.

Sharing the response received to the solution in the last two to three months, Warrier observed, “Surprisingly, the SME segment has shown far more encouraging response than high-end enterprise customers who have displayed a certain degree of reluctance.”

Observing further, he continued, “One of the factors responsible for this could be the ’Made in India’ tag. Enterprises share a certain comfort level with big brands. Maybe we first need to establish that comfort level before we can expect the kind of response we are looking for,” hoped Warrier.

The product has been developed by Bangalore-based vFortress Network Security Pvt Ltd, a vMoksha-incubated company, focused on providing application security solutions to enterprises.

As part of its expansion plan, the company is expected to have a small development facility in Kochi and plans to appoint around 15 channel partners in the next couple of months to address the domestic market.

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