India's First Satellite Image Analysis Software

by CXOtoday Staff    Jul 30, 2009

Scanpoint Geomatics, a software development firm, in partnership with Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), has developed its first Integrated GIS and Image Processing Software (IGiS).

Though India has launched a number of satellites that transmit images from space, there was no software developed within the country to analyze these images.

Madhavan Nair, chairman, ISRO and secretary of Department of Space, said, "The development of this software can result in tremendous cost savings."

Scientists and researchers have been depending on software developed in other countries to interpret the images sent by the satellites, which is expensive. Ramesh Sojitra, managing director of Scanpoint, said, "By using the IGiS, a cost saving of up to 40% can be achieved." According to Sojitra, the price of the software would be Rs. 12 lakh.

According to Nair, demand for data from satellites have multiplied manifold over the years. IGiS is a completely indigenous seamless geomatics application, which includes geographical information system (GIS), image processing and its integration with the real-time information, using the global positioning system (GPS).

Nair said the software is a result of more than seven years of extensive research and rigorous testing by Scanpoint and ISRO. IGiS has been tested by scientists and experts at more than 12 centres of ISRO.

According to Nair, images from not only Indian satellites, but also from foreign satellites can be analyzed by using IGiS. Sectors like defense, telecommunication, urban planning, disaster management and resource exploration can benefit from this software. "Earth observation was never thought to become as popular as it is today," said Nair, "This is a good segment for entrepreneurs to cash in on the potential."

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