India's Mobile Gaming Market Growing Strong

by CXOtoday News Desk    Feb 09, 2016


The Indian mobile gaming market is poised to reach new heights thanks to the unprecedented rise of smartphones. According to a recent survey by GamesBond, a gaming marketplace, owned and promoted by Mauj Mobile, India is emerging as one of the top gaming destinations in the world.  

The survey recently conducted to understand the consumer behavior towards gaming in India, noticed a surge in the number of gamers from 131 million in 2014 to 150 million (Source: Newzoo) in 2015, gaming industry is witnessing exponential growth. Interestingly, the mobile gaming industry is witnessing traction and activity from not just millennial’s as against popular notion, but equal interest from GenX and GenY gamers highlighting the decreasing age barriers in the mobile gaming industry.

“The gaming industry in India is at crossroads of a sweeping change. The overarching highlight of the survey indicates that ‘Everyone Is A Gamer’, testifying the rising popularity of mobile gaming with the industry reaching its 150mn mark. The active user base presents endless opportunities for us. We plan to intensify our presence in 2016 by achieving 100 Mn game downloads in India,” said Badri Sanjeevi, Co-founder & CEO, Mauj Mobile.


While Millennials, aged between 15 and 20 years (30%), GenX  from 21 to 35 years (31%) and GenY [36 to 55 years] (35%) are major growth drivers of the gaming segment in India, while Baby Boomers [56+] (4%) contribute less. Students and working professionals indulge in gaming the most, said the study.

The study also finds that mobile gaming is increasingly drawing interest from a greater number of women compared to men. The survey shows that the frequency of playing mobile games is higher in women as compared to men, the frequency of playing games daily is 79% among women and 71% among men.

 Gaming is agnostic across income levels/device quality, said the study. Whether it is a device costing Rs.10,000 or more than Rs.20,000 – we saw very high engagement. Gamers are skewed to the higher price devices given they come with better storage, screen sizes and memory capabilities. 

With over 3 billion downloads annually India is looking at highlighting the exciting prospects for the local gaming sector. The sector will continue to see investment and be a hotbed of innovation. This survey was conducted across 35 cities, with over 1000 respondents.