InDIMENSIONS Happy With Dump Linux Program: MS

by CXOtoday Staff    May 04, 2004

Microsoft has come up with a new way to pitch to its customers. The company released a success story on its website yesterday, claiming that its team of ’Reliability Experts’ were making sure that Windows Server 2003 deployments remain profitable for its customers. The software giant particularly stressed upon one of its clients - a Toronto based Web development firm called InDIMENSIONS - that was reaping significant benefits from moving over to Windows, from a Linux based environment.

After enduring intermittent Web server outages and generally unstable performance with a succession of Linux-based hosting providers in recent years, InDIMENSIONS switched to a hosting partner with a platform built on the Windows Server 2003 and other Microsoft technologies.

At InDIMENSIONS, Colin Bowern, executive vice president for technology, said that he is relieved to be free of the intermittent Web site outages that plagued the company in its former Linux-based environment.

“Uptime was a major issue: The servers would go down under high loads, and in general we noticed a lot of fluctuations. We’re a small company dealing with entertainment brands that have a big reputation in the market, so we have to continually deliver high-quality service in order to retain their trust,” Bowern explained.

When that goal became too difficult to achieve in the Linux environment, InDIMENSIONS started looking for a new provider last year and chose Interland Inc., an Atlanta-based company that specializes in Web hosting services for small and medium-sized businesses.

Since the move to Interland and its BlueHALO shared hosted platform in September 2003, InDIMENSIONS claims that it has seen 99.95-percent uptime for the Web servers running on Windows Server 2003. “That’s the best availability that we’ve ever had, and the only interruptions have been for patches or other planned maintenance. The speed of the reboots makes them virtually unnoticeable to our user communities,” Bowern added.

“For us, availability and reliability are even more critical than introducing new functionality. Windows Server 2003 and Interland have proved that they can deliver that uptime,” Bowern continued.

Although the reliability with Windows 2003 is higher than what InDIMENSIONS had experienced with Linux, and even though developers can bring new and more powerful services to market faster, the cost of hosting customer sites on Interland’s .NET-connected blueHALO platform is not significantly greater than the cost of hosting the sites on Linux.

Bowern claimed, “From a cost perspective, the price is about the same, but with Windows Server 2003, SQL Server 2000, and ASP.NET, we’re getting to market faster and operating more reliably than we did with Linux, Apache, MySQL, and Perl. We’re also getting a lot more functionality. We’re getting full-blown SQL Server database access. That’s an industrial-strength database that will scale to meet all our needs today and tomorrow. We’re getting a robust platform and, all in all, I think we’re getting a lot more value for our money, even though the hard dollar cost is the same.”

Based in Ontario, InDIMENSIONS is a privately held e business development and service firm focusing on the needs of the music industry.

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