Informatica launches online marketplace

by CXOtoday Staff    Jun 25, 2010

Informatica Corporation, a data integration software provider, has announced the opening of the Informatica Marketplace. The marketplace connects buyers and sellers to share data integration solutions within an open ecosystem of more than 100,000 active users.

Through the Informatica Marketplace, the company hopes to enable its customers to lower their cost of deployment even further and speed up time-to-market. Using pre-built components, customers will have to manually code solutions and can leverage the knowledge of the community to deliver a specific data integration solution. One of the benefits of the Marketplace is for buyers to easily find and purchase pre-built or customized solutions.

The Informatica Marketplace offers solutions in eight technology categories: enterprise data integration, data quality, B2B data exchange, application information lifecycle management, complex event processing, cloud data integration, ultra messaging and master data management. Developers build on the eight technology categories mentioned above to deliver reusable custom data integration and data quality Blocks.

The Informatica Marketplace will provide vendors, partners and individual developers with a central location to buy and sell assets and solutions called ‘Blocks’. A ‘Block’ can be developed for on-premise or cloud use and may include data models, mappings, mapplets, tools, utilities, packaged services, methodologies, white papers, connectors and other useful resources. Users will be also able to browse Blocks for industry specific solutions or platform use cases.

Currently, the Blocks on the Informatica Marketplace include AnalytixDS Mapping Manager, Appfluent Visibility, Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler, etc. All Blocks contributed to the marketplace will be evaluated for quality and value before becoming available. To obtain a ‘Seal of Approval,’ third-party Blocks hosted in the Informatica Marketplace will undergo lifecycle testing and validation of up to 30 days by the Informatica Global Customer Support organization.