Innovation Council to fuel cloud adoption in India

by Sohini Bagchi    Sep 12, 2013

cloud adoption

The unprecedented growth of cloud computing has prompted IEEE Standards Association to recently set up a Cloud Computing Innovation Council in India. The new platform is expected to fuel technological innovations across the cloud computing ecosystem in the country and other emerging markets.

Why need a council?

Experts believe it is therefore important to have a council that can act as an effective platform for the adoption and deployment of cloud computing in respective countries and across the world.

It is interesting to note that consumerization of IT has turned out to be a key driver for enterprise cloud adoption. In a recent CDW survey, nearly 75% decision makers said that BYOD has significantly influenced their decisions to adopt cloud computing. “Cloud adoption has tremendously gone up over the past 2 years,” says Dhruv Singhal- Senior Director, Fusion Middleware Sales Consulting Oracle. He explains thatCloud is transforming the role of the IT organization from a cost center to a value generator for the business.

However, experts also identify some basic challenges that continue to impede cloud adoption. “Most enterprises still see security as a key factor in cloud adoption that needs to be addressed. Apart from this, cloud service performance and technical integration of cloud infrastructure with legacy systems are other major barriers to cloud adoption,” observes Stephen Braat, General Manager, Cloud Solutions at CDW.  

Moreover, every country faces a different set of challenges when it comes to the legal and regulatory implications of cloud. The use of cloud computing in India especially by the small and medium business segment remains wary and many others refrain from using the cloud owing to lack of standardization.

How will it foster cloud adoption

The government of India is already driving several cloud-computing projects under the guidance and leadership of the Department of Electronics & Information Technology (DeitY). “To help further direct these programs, the council will provide proposals for standards, research, education initiatives and regulatory, legislation and policy recommendations to promote innovation that’s vital to the framework of this technology,” says Srikanth Chandrasekaran, senior manager for IEEE India.

The council will also publish a white paper that will specify an innovation roadmap for cloud-computing technologies in India, emphasizing on areas such as the usage scenarios and service delivery, platform and infrastructure technologies, and the enablement framework for cloud computing.

The council aims to position India as a global provider of cloud-computing services and infrastructure by working closely with industry experts and members of other professional bodies and academia. According to experts at IEEE, at a later stage, it will lay the foundation for globally relevant IEEE standards and other technological advancements that will make a significant difference in the future of cloud computing in India and around the world.